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G.I. Joe ARAH Cobra Officer V1.5 (Red-Back Filecard) MIB
G.I. Joe ARAH Mail Away Hawk V1.5 (Red-Back File Card) MIB
G.I. Joe ARAH Crankcase MOC
G.I. Joe ACE Sealed Mail Away
G.I. Joe ARAH Deep Six MOC
G.I. Joe ARAH Cobra Ninja Viper v1 (Blue Ninja)
G.I. Joe ARAH Snake Eyes V1 (Straight Arm)
Star Wars Kenner 1984 Emperor Baggie Mailer Box with catalog graded CAS 80 (82.1) A-T
Imperial Armored Marauder 75311
Yak Face POTF loose complete

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A Wing Pilot and Coin CAS 80
Yak Face POTF loose complete
Barada CAS 85
Star Wars Design Your Own Lunch Kit
Star Wars 21A Back R5-D4 MOC
Vintage Star Wars ESB Electronic Stormtrooper Blaster
Star Wars 21A Back Walrus Man MOC
REBEL SOLDIER - ESB 31 BACK B (Hoth Battle Gear) CAS 85 - actual grade 87.2
Star Wars ROTJ Luke Skywalker Gunner Card Variant MOC
Star Wars Droids ATL Interceptor Vehicle MIB
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10 x Acrylic Case Vintage Masters Of The Universe (MOTU), Retro Motu
Captain Power French Trilogo MOC
Star Wars ESB Boba Fett MOC 48 Back **Signed by Jeremy Bulloch**
Star Wars POTF R2-D2 With Pop-Up Lightsaber MOC
NICE! POTF Lando Calrissian General Pilot MOC
Star wars paploo ewok vintage 1984 Kenner graded CAS 90! Fresh grade, last 17! POTF!
Imperial Dignitary POTF MOC
Star Wars 1977 Obi-Wan Kenobi Dark Gray Hair AFA80 NM with 12 back card
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R5 RED BAR 1977 Date Stamp
STAR WARS AFA 90 GOLD 1983 Gamorrean Guard MACAU COO Very Hard to Find Especially High Grade
Deal Done
Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Electronic Biker Scout Laser Pistol
Deal Done
Complete Stormtrooper
NICE Green Snake / Brown Snake Yoda
Deal Done
Vintage Darth Vader Star Destroyer - Unused Contents
Luke Endor MOC
Deal Done
AFA 85 Han Bespin
Deal Done
Chewbacca 65C MOC
EV-9D9 last 17
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