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AFA 85 DT Luke Circle Variant Saber
ROTJ 65Back-A. 80/85/90
Lot of Star Wars Toys - Lego Rey Porg Plush Yoda Flashlight Stormtrooper Watch Ewok McDonald's Toys
2011 Jakks Pacific Peyo Smurfs Groughy Smurf 9" Beanie Babies Plush Doll
Authentic Disney Store Parks Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dopey 16" Plush
1985 Golden Book Masters of the Universe MOTU Book Lot - Horde Flower of Power
1978 1980 1983 Random House Star Wars Storybook Book Lot - Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi
1985 Golden Book Heroic Champions Tonka GoBots Go Bots Lot

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AFA 85 DT Luke Circle Variant Saber
Zuckuss 65A
AFA 80 Luke X-Wing
1983 Kenner Star Wars ROTJ 65 Back-B Darth Vader AFA 85
Snaggletooth 41 Back ESB AFA 80 Y
IG-88 MOC 31 back
Power Doris 21Back Star Wars moc
Biker Scout 77 Back MOC
1983 Star Wars ROTJ Hoth Stormtrooper MOC
Romba Uncirculated POTF MOC
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Glasslite Droids Po-Up Saber R2-D2
Star Wars 12 Back-B Luke Skywalker AFA 80 (80 80 85)
Vintage Star Wars Bubble Bat/Shamppo Figurals Set Of 8
1985 Kenner Star Wars Droids Boba Fett Coin AFA 85 NM+
Star wars paploo ewok vintage 1984 Kenner graded CAS 90! Fresh grade, last 17! POTF!
Blue Saber Jedi Luke CAS 85+
AFA 80 Snowtrooper
1978 Kenner Star Wars 12 Back Jawa Vinyl Cape MOC with acrylic case
Han Solo Tri Logo
AFA 85 Biker Scout Laster Pistol
Latest Sales
ESB MOC 45 Back Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)
Deal Done
Admiral Ackbar 65a MOC
AFA 80+ Boba Fett Rocket Firing (L-Slot No-Firing Mechanism Batch)
Deal Done
B-Wing Pilot 79 Back
Deal Done
Vintage 1980 Kenner ESB Star Wars 32 Back-B Darth Vader MOC CAS 80
Minty Debut 31 Back A Han Hoth.
Two-Pack Biker and Wicket
Deal Done
VHS Empire Strikes Back VGA 85+
Deal Done
VHS Return of The Jedi CGA 85
Deal Done
VHS Star Wars VGA 85
Deal Done
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