What are the best methods of payment?

We do not dictate how payment is made between the buyer and seller. You are both free to agree on a method to exchange when the deal is done. Since The Collector Alliance does not take any commission from the sale price, we have no vested interest in how the transaction is finally settled.

We even allow you to communicate directly with other members to decide how to make payment. If you would prefer not to use our instant message chat features, then feel free to exchange email addresses or even phone numbers! Yes, you heard that right. And remember, as a seller you keep 100% of the sale price.

With that said, both buyer and seller are responsible for taking the necessary steps to avoid fraud or scams. Unless you know the person well, do not exchange cash in a parking lot, and do not send cash to a bank account.

At the time of writing, we recommend paying other members with PayPal goods and services. A respectable seller from our market place would usually offer this option.

If you suspect something is not right with payment arrangements, or you do unfortunately find yourself being a victim of fraud then please let TCA support know immediately. We have zero tolerance for this behaviour and will take action.

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