What am I allowed to sell on The Collector Alliance?

We are not your usual market place that will accept anything to be listed for sale. Sale items must have collectible value. And there must be a community of collectors that recognize that value.

As example, any of the following would be welcome: action figures, comics, antiquities, art, model cars, designer hand bags, shoes and vintage clothing, etc. Even classic sports cars and musical instruments would pass the test.

In contrast, these items would not be welcome and would be removed as part of routine curation of the market: New clothing, consumerables, commodities, old furniture, refurbished electronics, sporting goods.

Generally we know it when we see it when it comes to deciding if a listing is fit for our market. If we suspend one of your listings it does not necessarily make you a bad seller. We will be in touch to explain why a listing was rejected and it may be something trivial to fix.

However, members that repeatedly list poor quality and wrong fit items do run the risk of being ejected from The Collector Alliance permanently.

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