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Batman 251 6.0 CGC classic Joker
Darth Maul Son of Dathomir 1 signed by Ray Park
CANADIAN EH G.I. JOE #1-10 Comics
Graded Darth Vader Annual #2 Comic
INVINCIBLE #100 The Comixology Variant Cover
1988 Jump Comics Sakigake! Otokojuku 14 - Japanese Import Manga
Marvel Doctor Aphra #1 1:25 Rid Reis variant & #2 1:25 Shalvey Droids Variant
Avengers Annual 1 February 1969 Mexican Edition CGC 4.0 ($300 or BO)
Amazing Spider Man 55, February 1968 Mexican Edition CGC 3.0 ($225 or BO)
Amazing Spider Man 68, March 1969 Mexican Edition CGC 1.0 ($175 or BO)
Amazing Spider Man 101 1993 Italian Edition CGC 7.0 ($300 or BO)
2015 DC Comics The Batman Strikes! - Bane's Breaking In! TPB Hardcover NM 9.5+
1985 DC Super Powers #1 VF - 95¢ Price Variant
RARE French Canada Editions Heritage Sabrina #33 - Early Darth Vader Cover - 1979
Superboy #155 (1969 DC)
Angel and Ape #1 - 4 (1991 DC) Complete Run
Amazing Spider-Man #24 (1963 Marvel)
Vintage Hungarian #1 Star Wars Comic
Star Wars Issue #1 Whitman
2016 DC Comics Rebirth Teen Titans #1 - Shaner Variant Cover NM 9.5+
2012 Boom Entertainment Supurbia TPB - Volume 1
G.I. Joe Marvel Comics Retailer Sealed Multipack - issues #2, 26 & 27
STAR Comics ThunderCats 1-3 (First Prints) - Sealed Multipack
Marvel Transformers #1-3 Sealed Multipack
Spectacular Spider-Man #1 (1968) Rare 40¢ Price Variant
Marvel Spider-Man #1 VF/NM - Signed by Spider's Web co-owner Todd McFarlane with Letter
Amazing Spider-Man #19 CGC 4.5 - First Appearance of Mac Gargan (1964)
SCARCE 1984 Marvel A-Team 75¢ Price Variant #'s 1-2 - Canadian Whitman Bilingual Multipacks
Air Pirates Funnies #1 - CGC 9.6 (1971)
Air Pirates Funnies #2- CGC 9.6 (1971)
Marvel Comics Movie Adaptation: Blade Runner #1 - 75¢ Price Variant - VF/NM - Al Williamson art 1982
BIN=$45 DC Mini Series Tales of New Teen Titans 1,2,3 & 4 (1982)
Tales from the Crypt #39 Pre-Code - CGC 4.5 OW/W Pgs (1953)
The Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 5.5 - First Wolverine - OW/W Pgs (1974)
Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 5.0 - First Green Goblin OW/W Pgs (1964)
Marvel Stars Wars #'s 1-3 in sealed Whitman multipack

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Comics have been a fantastic pop culture asset class to invest in. With a solid community of collectors that spans generations, it is one of the safest collectible markets to hold value through time. But with all things, there are a few considerations to make to improve your chance of success. Not all comics will appreciate in value, so there are some general rules to use to help decide an investment. Story lines with significant events or character introductions can become more desirable over time (superman issue #1 anyone?). Even authors or particular illustrators can effect the popularity (and therefore demand). Plain old rarity is always a factor either by so few surviving to modern times, or a limited production run to begin with. Lastly condition of the item is absolutely key. Mint condition comics, and ideally high graded examples are more likely to preserve and appreciate in value over time.

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