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Get peace of mind and protect your collectibles with our unique verification service.

The Service

Partnering with ToyVerify we are offering appraisals, verifications and valuations for your collectibles. As a collector, this service can help provide impartial professional advice to ensure your collectibles have adequate insurance coverage.

For buyers and sellers, this service can assist with market prices and authenticity to make sure you are not underselling/overselling, underpaying/overpaying while protecting your reputation in the marketplace. Certifications are provided that confirm the authenticity of the item(s) and a testament to their current market value.

All submissions include an appraisal, a digital badge, and a ToyVerify code which can be used through the ToyVerify website to search updated values for a period of up to 60 days.

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Starting Price Examples

We can help with verify services for a range of collectibles, not just action figures. But the following prices will give you a guide for expected costs.

  • $18 per loose graded/ungraded action figures
  • $22 per graded/ungraded MOC
  • $25 per boxed item (vehicle/playset)

Current Estimated Turnaound Times: 24-48 hours. For more information, estimates, or to begin the verify process, please use the form below and we will be back in touch promptly.

Our Lead Appraiser

Joe Fiore (The founder of ToyVerify) is a collector of over 40 years, immersed in a wide range of collecting categories, which include comics, comic art, toys, coins and trading cards. As a CPPA accredited appraiser and published advisor to several print and online resources, he provides ToyVerify as an independent and impartial service available to collectors to act as a verification checkpoint for both graded and ungraded collectibles.

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