How does the Deal or No Deal selling format work?

This selling format, a world-wide first here on The Collector Alliance is a fantastic format to use if you are unsure of the value of your item and want the community to find the right market price for you.

In contrast to the classic online auction format where the time runs down and the highest bid wins at the end, the seller of a DOND listing is not obligated to accept a price. The seller can reject offers until the right price comes along and there is no time limit.

This format offers excellent protection for the seller, shielding them from having to sell their collectible at a heart-breaking low price because (for reasons that may never be known) their auction had poor interest at that point in time.

The basic life-cycle of a DOND listing is:

  1. Create the DOND listing like any other listing, however there is no need to provide a sale price
  2. Wait for an offer to be provided by another member
  3. If the price is too low, or you want to see if there is more interest - reject the offer
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until ...
  5. You finally have a price you like. You now accept the offer and the sale is complete

DOND selling is covered in full detail in our How To Sell guides.

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