Advice for professional looking photos

Great photos are the primary key to a successful transaction. They save you time with less questions being asked, and allow your fellow collector to make the best informed choice whether the item is right for them or not.

The best way to make your item the subject of a photo is to use a white background. This really helps the item pop. If white isn't a viable option, then choose another neutral colour and preferrably the same throughout the whole background.

You may consider investing in a small light box for dedicated listing photography. These are much cheaper than you think and are guaranteed to take your photos to the next level.

This carded action figure below photographed on white background makes it easy to see without distractions.

Equally, a well chosen background colour need not always be white. In this example, the yellow gives a great uniform colour background to frame these Luke Skywalker action figures.

Another obvious tip, but not followed as often as it should, is to ensure there are no other items in the photo other than the one for sale. While helping to make your item the subject, it avoids any ambiguity of what is and isn't included in the sale.

You are also more likely to get the best true-to-live depiction if you photograph during daylight hours in natural light. So this means avoid doing your photo-shoot at night with the lounge room lights on. Strong yellow light adds an artificial hue to items which may cause an inaccurate representation to the buyer.

If you follow these few simple rules, then you have every chance to produce great quality images for your listings, and a hassle free transaction for everyone.

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