How to describe items for the best chance of selling

It is always best to be honest when describing a collectible. Collectors are savvy, informed and will see through any puffery of marketing. By all means highlight the positive, but the smoothness of a transaction is more often influenced by how well you have highlighted the bad.

Some of the basics are applicable to all collectible lines and at a minimum should include:

  • Name of the item
  • Manufacturer/licensee
  • Year of production
  • An honest comment on the condition of the item

If an item is graded by a recognized authority, then it makes sense to keep the condition report and comments brief on this aspect. The grade will speak for itself. In all other cases, take time to describe what you have and be honest.

A good guide is to imagine yourself on the other side of the transaction. How would you feel if this ended up in your collection? Would you feel it was accurately described? What would you have wanted highlighted to you?

Detailing the history or providence of the item is always welcome if you know it. But never fabricate these details - it will come back to haunt you one day.

One last point - we will suspend listings that use negative keyword matching in their titles to fool the search tools. For example, a title such as "Graded action figure UKG NOT AFA" will attract a listing suspension. This practise may seem clever to get included in more search results but at heart it is devious and deceitful. Collectors know their domains and do not appreciate these tactics that bring unwanted noise.

We are passionate about preserving and defending the integrity of our marketplace and inspect every listing created. So it is in everyone's interest to do their best when it comes to listing collectibles for sale. If we have any doubt, then we will suspend a listing until we are comfortable it belongs on The Collector Alliance.

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