Collector Accords

The Collector Alliance is an Exclusive International buying and selling platform intended to galvanize the collector community. Within the exclusive bounds, buyers and sellers are expected to maintain gentlemanly conduct when completing transactions. TCA does not represent either the buyer or seller in transactional process, and is indemnified in such. TCA facilitates transactions strictly by providing a platform for other individuals, companies Etc.

All items must be original, We DO NOT allow reproduced items. Transacting items that are reproduced will lead to termination of membership. Bootlegs and customs are allowed, but must be described in titles of descriptions.

We expect buyers and sellers to be forthright, honest, dependable, communicable, and kind.

A deal is a deal. When deals are made, we expect buyers to pay as immediately as possible or as arranged between buyer and seller. Pulling out of deals from either buyer or seller side can lead to suspension and/or termination of membership.

All disputes should be first handled between buyer and seller. If a dispute can not be resolved, a TCA Admin can then be notified.

When buying, you are expected to follow through with payment and terms you and the seller have agreed to. You are responsible for your own due diligence when purchasing. Make sure to ask questions or request for additional photos from the seller if you have hesitancy. After you commit to a purchase, follow through, pulling out of deals made can lead to suspension and or termination of membership.

When selling, you are expected to add transparent descriptions and photographs and/or video that highlight any type of damage an item may have. We expect that sold items will be packed professionally and shipped out to buyers in a reasonable time frame (usually within 1-3 business days after purchase). After you commit to sell and item, follow through, pulling out of deals made can lead to suspension and or termination of membership. When selling, please be prepared to promptly respond to offers, and questions buyers may have.

Gossip, price bashing, pushy selling, aggressive behavior, tortious interference, can also lead to suspension and/or termination of membership. However, if there is poor performance on behalf of seller and or buyer, or if a member is suspected of shill bidding, false information, selling reproduction items as original, please inform a TCA admin immediately with a good explanation and proof of such conduct.

Your Collectibles. Your Sales. Our Alliance.
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